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Prepare simple and complex wills for males and females of any marital status. You can select from various types of marital deduction, credit shelter and other estate planning trusts reflecting the January 2013 changes to the Internal Revenue Code, i.e., the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Or select less frequently used provisions such as the granting or exercise of powers of appointment, purchases of annuities, charitable trusts, supplemental needs trusts and pour-overs to inter vivos trusts.

The residuary estate may be divided into equal or unequal shares with each share being given to the beneficiaries outright or in a variety of trusts. Alternate and successor beneficiaries or classes of beneficiaries may be specified. Select with flexibility initial and successor executors and personal representatives, trustees, guardians and conservators.

Other options address disposition of realty, family-owned businesses, personal effects, cash bequests, powers of appointment, rights to invade principal of trusts, sprinkling trusts, removal of trustees, disclaimers, disinheritance of spouse or children, pensions and qualified plans, and other subjects.

The program also prepares living wills and health care documents, powers of attorney, family tree affidavits, asset summaries, execution checklists, memoranda explaining legal terms, etc. For appropriate jurisdictions, personal property memoranda, community property agreements, and waivers of rights of election may be prepared.