[NOTE: The following sample questionnaire is used with the New York Condo Sales Library. If you ordered the library for some other jurisdiction, some of the questions and terms would be different.]


Identify Seller -
__male __female __married couple __other



Soc. Sec. No.:
Identify Purchaser -
__male __female __married couple __other



Soc. Sec. No.:
If Purchaser is represented by an attorney -

If there is a Broker -




__there is a second BROKER -

__prepare brokerage agreement [commission is ___% of purchase price, or fixed amount: $________]
__prepare a RIDER to printed form, rather than an entire contract
__Blumberg Form 125 (BTU 8041)
__Blumberg Form 154 (rarely)
__the old BTU form
__other - number of last article on form:

** NOTE: If you prepare a RIDER, the printed form may effect how you wish to answer the questions marked by two asterisks (**). If the form treats a subject (such as damage to the premises) in a manner satisfactory to you, you need not repeat the provision in the RIDER. Answer all other questions to reflect what you desire, even if the printed form treats the subject.
__prepare a "short form" of contract (or rider)

Date of contract:

Date of closing:
__on said date
__on said date and time is of essence as to Purchaser
__on or about said date
__on or about said date and either party may make time of the essence by ___ days notice (business days)
Time of closing: __10:00 A.M. __other:

Place of closing -
__your offices __other:
__or, upon request, at Purchaser's lender or title company
Identify the condo -
Street Address: City:
Unit Number:
Name of Condominium:
Recording date of Condo Declaration:
Place of recording:
Liber, page:
Percentage interest in Common Elements:
__Seller is to represent monthly amount of common charges - $
Tax Map designation (Section, Block, Lot Nos.):
PERSONAL PROPERTY - The sale usually includes fixtures and personal property attached or appurtenant to the condo, including lighting and cooking fixtures, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, mantels, door mirrors, switch plates, doors and door hardware, venetian blinds, window treatments, shades, and any dishwasher and washing machine and dryer, range, oven, refrigerator, freezer, air conditioning equipment and wall to wall carpeting. Furniture and furnishings are usually excluded. You should describe any exceptions to the general rules (in Exhibit B).

Other personal property to be included:

Other personal property to be excluded:

How is the purchase price to be paid -
__all cash without a bank loan contingency
__all cash WITH a bank loan contingency
__conventional loan __F.H.A insured __G.I./V.A.
Contingent for how many days:
Amount of loan: $
Due in how many years:
Based on amortization over how many years:
Interest __at "prevailing rate" __at rate: ___%/yr
__Purchaser to represent annual earnings: $
__Seller to contribute amount for Purchaser's closing costs: $
Regarding points -
__Purchaser pays all required points (usually)
__Purchaser will pay up to ___ points
__Purchaser will pay up to ___ points and Seller will pay up to ___ points [__but Seller pays only if Purchaser's points are not sufficient]
__Seller will pay up to ___ points and Purchaser pays all other points
__recite maximum dollar amounts to be paid by Purchaser and/or Seller:
__cash and taking subject to Existing Mortgage
__cash and Purchase Money Mortgage
__cash, Existing Mortgage and subordinate PM Mortgage
__cash and PM Wraparound Mortgage
__cash and PM Note secured by a Letter of Credit
__cash, Existing Mortgage, PM Note and L/C
__no cash at closing, just:
__Existing Mortgage __PM Mortgage __Existing Mortgage and subordinate PM Mortgage __PM Wraparound Mortgage __Note and L/C __Existing Mortgage, Note and L/C
downpayment: $
[$________ prior to execution of contract
$________ upon execution
$________ within ___ days after execution]
cash at closing: $
amount of Existing Mortgage: $
amount of Purchase Money Mortgage: $
amount of PM Wraparound Mortgage: $
amount of PM Note and L/C: $

__downpayment to be held in escrow
__escrow to terminate when loan contingency elapses
__in interest bearing account
ESCROW AGENT is __your firm __other:
Rarely are condos sold subject to an Existing Mortgage, but if this condo is -
Identify Existing Mortgage:

__copies to be delivered for review before execution of contract May it be accelerated by: __sale of condo or __subordinate mortgage. If so, is bank's consent to be a condition (and whether either party is to pay to get consent, time for doing so):

The purchase price is to be: __fixed amount above balance of Existing Mortgage at closing (rarely), or __If Existing Mortgage is greater or less than anticipated - __adjust cash at closing __adjust PM Note [__first vs __last installments]
Rarely are condos sold for a Purchase Money Note (and Mortgage) from Purchaser, but if so, the Note (and/or Mortgage) should provide -
__expressly prepayable without penalty
__a prepayment premium: ___% of principal
__higher rate of interest after default: ___%/yr
__a late charge: ___% of amount due
__due on sale
__prohibit any further mortgage
__escrow deposits for taxes & insurance
__payment of attorneys' fees if foreclosed - ___% of principal / __minimum fee: $
__Seller's attorneys to be paid preparation fee: $
__prepare a rider rather than the entire Mortgage
__Letter of Credit from a specific bank:
Payment terms of Note:
__an existing mortgage is to be paid off at closing

Permissible exceptions to title -
Re covenants, easements or other recorded agreements (other than the Condo Declaration) -
__specific items are to be listed in an exhibit AND except any other agreements provided they do not materially restrict use of condo
__just specific items are to be listed
__no specific items, but except any agreements provided they do not materially restrict use
__a right of first refusal for condo
__a survey (rarely):

Re examination of title -
__Purchaser is to search title [__and must use a title insurance company]
__Seller is to provide a title abstract to Purchaser [__and pay premium for Purchaser's title insurance]
The title search is to be provided within __15/__30/__60 days after the contract (or loan commitment), or __15/__30/__60 days before the closing
Is the deed to be -
__bargain and sale deed WITH covenant against grantor's acts (a limited warranty)
__bargain and sale deed WITHOUT covenant
__general warranty deed
Is Seller to represent that -
__heating/plumbing/electrical systems will be in working order
__major appliances will be in working order
__roof will be free from leaks
__condo will be delivered in "broom clean" condition
__condo is not in a "flood hazard area"

__contract to be conditioned upon inspections for: **
__lead paint [__by a professional inspector] or __ expressly waive inspection rights
__asbestos contamination
__a general inspection by an engineer
__Purchaser/__Seller to pay for the inspections
Inspection reports to be delivered within ___ days
__if cost of curing a condition is less than $________ and Seller does not cure the condition, Purchaser nevertheless must close title - __with / __without adjustment of purchase price
Re certificate of occupancy - **
__Seller to deliver original C of O at closing
__Seller to deliver affidavit that none was required
__contract is to be silent on subject
Re notices of violations - **
__Seller to cure violations -
__if issued before contract
__if issued before closing
__but Seller shall not have to pay more than $
__Seller does NOT have to cure any violations
__contract is to be silent on subject
Are there going to be closing adjustments for -
real estate taxes and water & sewer charges, if any [__real estate tax reduction proceeding is pending]
premiums on transferable insurance policies
__water meter **
__common area fees [$________ /mo] **
__other condo fees:
__other adjustments:
Re assessments for improvements by governmental authorities - **
__if payable in installments and any installment is a lien, Seller pays all installments
__Seller pays only installments due before closing
__Seller pays only if improvements are completed before closing
__contract is to be silent on subject **
__errors in apportionments are to be corrected after closing **

Infrequently used provisions -
__sale subject to leases or tenancies (describe in exhibit) [__Purchaser to assume]
__the contract is to discuss casualty loss and condemnation - **
If Seller elects not to repair any damage to the condo:
__Purchaser may terminate contract OR close title and receive an assignment of Seller's rights to insurance proceeds - __but Purchaser may terminate only if repairs cost more than $
__Purchaser may terminate contract OR close title and receive a credit for the cost of the repairs - __Seller also may terminate if repairs cost more than $
__Seller is to get ECRA (environmental cleanup) confirmation
__Seller is to get Freshwater Wetlands Letter
__there's a pending proceeding for reduction of real estate taxes
__Seller to provide a bill of sale for personal property
__Purchaser to pay any sales taxes on personal property
__omit liquidated damages clause
__include a FIRPTA clause in rider **
__permit minor repairs or painting by Purchaser prior to closing
__Seller may remain in possession after the closing - specify for how long, whether there is to be a per diem charge and/or deposit:
__recite the zoning classification:
__omit prohibition against assignment of contract ** [__or consent to assignment not to be unreasonably withheld]
__provide for copies of notices to attorneys
__Purchaser to have 3 days to have an attorney review contract